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Zanz MS
• 5/24/2016

More Video Pages

As far as I can tell, this Wiki only contains pages for Grade's first ten videos (9 Things I Hate About The Barbershop to The Importance of Wiping Your Hands). I feel like there should be more video pages than just those, considering that they make up less than a fifth of Grade's videos.

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Zanz MS
• 5/25/2016


I am the only person who was editing at the time before you came along. The admins here are all inactive and unresponsive to us. With your help, we can grab their attention and they can start adding pages and admins so this wikia can rise. Or we'll just adopt this wiki who knows?

I'm less focusing on the videos and focusing more on the images. This is probably the main reason why it only leads up to the "Wiping Hands" video. Thanks for editing and giving attention to this!

-Posted by Zanz MS (Not the Billionares) (talk) 12:05, May 25, 2016 (UTC)

P.S. Sorry If I sound formal/Bernie Sanders-like.

• 5/25/2016
Zanz MS wrote:

Or we'll just adopt this wiki who knows?

That's it I'm adopting this wiki

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